The domain of auctioning has undergone a range of changes because of the obvious effects of technology revolution and digitalization specifically. As all the important spheres of life have witnessed the change, so has auctioning as well and the conventional forms of auctioning have been replaced by the online auctioning systems at present. Now, even in the genre of auction too, there are various tools and portals that come with different characteristics aimed at streamlining the whole auctioning process online. Based on certain distinguishing factors, these vary accordingly and hence, the choice of the exact auctioning tool for the companies becomes a matter of prime importance. The and are two biggest players in this domain but these come with specific differentiating points as mentioned hereunder:

•    The Auction Flex tool comes in a combined package along with a specific kind of online auction technology tool known as Hi-Bid that exquisitely takes care of the live auctions in the forms of webcast, simulcast and other types of online auctions that make the process of auctioning extremely easier and user-friendly. This particular tool is not present in case of although the similar actions are being performed with the help of exclusive features like mobile and online bidding, bid management, inventory management, guest management and the like. The basic working principle is almost same with only difference in the technology.

•    There are some excellent features in the Auction Software portal such as responsive designs based bidding systems that make the portal more interactive and apps and SMS supported auctioning feature that are not quite seen in the portal.

•    There is another crucial factor of bull upload facility in case of website whereas the same will not be found in the portal.

•    There is a superb SEO built-in facility in case of the portal whereas such kinds of features do not quite play a role in the portal but the Hi-Bid auctioning tool takes care of the various kinds of auctions in its own way.

No matter how different the tools may be, the main aim of both the tools is to achieve maximum level of client satisfaction by auctioning delights. It is just the ways and features that may vary a little.