The process of online auctioning is a pretty big domain in the world of technology and just like any other digitized platform, this too has various utilities and features that streamline the whole process of online auctioning. There are various online auctioning tools available in the market at present, each having its own pros and cons.

However, based on the wide ranges of businesses today, the requirements also vary accordingly because the kind of auction differs from one type of company to another and therefore, the need for a specific type of auctioning software becomes essential in such cases. The two most prominent players in this domain are and As mentioned earlier, these two are unique in their own way and hence, each is suitable for a particular type of auctioning although the main goal of both these tools is the same. Here are some points of difference between the two tools that will enable the businesses to decide upon which tool to opt for:

•    The look and feel of both these portals differs to a certain extent. Hence, the companies have to decide which among-st the two is more interactive for them.

•    The has an exclusive feature of Virtual Ring-man  technology that is especially designed to transform the general time-based auctioning procedures into live auctions by automatically adjusting bid increments at the ultimate hour of timed auctions so that the auctioning becomes much more real time and dynamic at the same time. This particular technology based live auctioning is missing in but the same is done in a somewhat different manner through the auto bid facility.

•    There are various types of auctioning tools designed to carry out various kinds of auctions forward auction, reverse auction, penny auction and silent auction in whereas these distinctions are not there in

•    There is an active participation of social media platforms in which is not quite seen in the portal.

•    There are features like specialized email management, bid management and guest management features in that are not clearly distinguished in the counterpart.

Whatever be the nature of auction, a thorough study of features of these tools will assist anybody to select the exact software based on customized requirements.