How NBA using Auction Software platform for Sacramento Kings

A live auction bidding platform developed by Auction software, powered by Treum to sell official game-issued & authenticated game-worn Sacramento Kings team.

How Products are Listed?

Treum is a third party, who post products to Live auction site. The product will be posted as upcoming product and then it will move to live once its start date is met. Once product is live, users can start bidding to win the product.

How Live Auction works?

We can browse Upcoming, Live, and Ended auctions without registering, but in order to start participating in live auctions, we should

  • Create an account
  • To ensure fair bidding, a valid credit card will be required to place a bid.
  • Add billing and shipping information
  • Start bidding


Once the auction is live, users can manually place bids to win the product. Users can also set auto bid to the product so that he will be the highest bidder till his auto bid is completed.


The product will be awarded to the highest bidder at the end of the auction, the winner will receive an email on victory and detailed instructions about the product.  Once auction is won, payment has to be done via card and the data of payments will be send to Sacramento Kings Foundation.      

If the user fails to pay for the auction or if users’ card is declined (i.e.) failed payment, in these cases admin has an option to award product to the next highest bidder.