Employee management system is a distributed application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization. It maintains the information about the official details about the employee. The objective is to provide a comprehensive approach towards the management of employee information

Inemployee management, we can add new employees and edit the permissions for existing employees. Adding new employees by providing required details. Giving permission for the employee to access only the specific menus

We can also set working day and working hours for the employee. So that only at that specific day and time the employee can login and access the site. By default “Dashboard” view will be available to all Auction Manager/Employee.

Employee Actions

1.  Permissions- clicking on Edit permission and hours for the existing employee can be changed

2.  The employee can be suspended, So that the employee cannot login to the site.

3.  We can delete the employees permanently

4. We can reset password and after resetting the password mail is send to the employee with the updated password.

5. We can also log off the employee so that it will logout that employee.

Auction Manager/Employee

Once admin created Auction Master/Employee, they should inform Auction Manager/Employee with credentials. Auction Manager/Employee can login using the same. Auction Manager/Employee will have access to the modules for which the permissions were enabled by admin during addition of Auction Manager/Employee. By default “Dashboard” view will be available to all Auction Manager/Employee.